LinkSys BEFSX41 - Defective UPnP- bad new for Mech Warrior 4

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LinkSys BEFSX41 - Defective UPnP- bad new for Mech Warrior 4

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Have been getting really irritated with the Cisco BEFSX41, trying to get Mech Warrior 4 (MW4) to play on-line. Followed many of the excellent threads that FuffinSoft offers.

Finally-- I went to DSL Reports to see what several experts found about the latest version. I am pasting a few below -
Cisco/Linksys appears to put out junk and not care - They cost me 5 hours. It is clear I need to buy another router brand.
Can anyone recommend a good firewall/router that will support the UPnP and let two computers play MechWarrior 4 on the MSZone?

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Re: [wired] BEFSX41 Firmware 1.51.00 - POST YOUR R
I have now run some tests on 1.51.00, and the port forwarding at the bottom of the UPnP menu NOT work to connect WAN 80 to LAN port 8080. It only works to port 80. 1.45.7 does work to do this. Also, the BEFSX41 WILL NOT work with a 100' Cat5e cable from the WAN to modem. 6' cable, OK. Also a 100' cable on the LAN port apparently causes the unit to reboot continually. This may be a hardware issue in the unit or possibly a timing issue in the firmware. BEWARE..and good luck

Re: [wired] BEFSX41 Firmware 1.51.00 - POST YOUR RESULTS HERE
On Windows XP the Internet Connection Status (Network Connections - Internet Connection) shows information about UPnP enabled devices such as the BEFSX41. The Statistics for ACTIVITY are not updating for the sent or received packets for the router. This may indicate that the UPnP implementation of this firmware still has issues.

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Got the same problem

RE: BEFSX41 - Cisco can't get it right
Would be nice however if Cisco would get their act together. We've owned these long enough that I am thinking of a class action if they don't take care of things. I mean it too. If I come after them they will know it and the cost to fix the firmware will be cheap compared to the cost to defend the suit. I know the people to go to, AND we'll drag in all the other models whose owners are unhappy. DO YOU HEAR ME CISCO and LINKSYS? You've used up your game timeouts, FIX THE FIRMWARE. There are like over 375 posts on this issue. We are tired of dealing with these issues.
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