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Sudden Strike Forever

Post by tpweboperations » Sun Apr 09, 2006 10:39 am


I'm a passionate "Sudden Strike Forever" player. I have DMZ configured in my router, so that I can play it.

I could also configure my router more restrictively and forward the following ports to the pc running the game.

TCP 2300 - 2400
TCP 47624 - 47626

UDP 1900
UDP 2300 - 2400
UDP 47624

I use a DMZ, because it saves oneself often a lot of configuration trouble. On other PC in the LAN, I can also connect to a game, which is hosted in the internet.

But once the games starts you get a drop screen and the game is not playable.

I would like to play the game with two friends in my LAN and join games which are hosted in the internet.

I have heard from some other player that there is a solution, where one can use another server's ip from the internet.

I'm heaving two dedicated servers and was wondering, wether I could somehow tunnel through the lan two those servers, in order to obtain two real valid internet IPs for my other two PC's in the LAN?

I asked this question somewhere else and I got refered to this forum. He said that you have a solution for this? So does sombody know how I could get the game going for several LAN players?

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