DXport with Linksys Instructions

Instructions on how to install DXport

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DXport with Linksys Instructions

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Linksys Instructions
Contributed by Arthur

Make sure that you have downloaded and installed the latest firmware for your router. http://www.linksys.com

I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router. To change the settings on my router, I do the following:

1. open a browser and type in in the address bar. The Linksys Setup menu comes up (after asking for username and password)

2. click on the Advanced tab

3. click on the Forwarding tab
4. under the Ext. Port column enter in 2302 thru 2311
5. under IP Address enter in the IP of the first PC
6. click the TCP box and click the UDP box
7. click the Enabled box
8. repeat steps 4 thru 7 for your second PC (this time entering in ports 2312 thru 2321, and the second PC's IP)

Note: If you want to host also forward port 47624 for DX7 games and port 6073 for DX8 games to the PC that will be the host.

9. click Apply
10. close the browser and try your game (assuming that you have DXPort running on both PCs, and that you have assigned DXPort to use the same ports for your two PCs that you configured your router for, i.e. first PC gets 2302 - 2311 and second PC gets 2312 - 2321)
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