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Total Annihilation and DXPort

Post by Powersurge » Sat May 06, 2006 1:14 pm

Hello, I'm trying to configure 3 to 4 computers on a LAN to be able to play with another computer on the internet. This is my set up:


LAN is all set up with a combination of wireless and ethernet/Cat 5 cables, all can see each other, share files and can play Total Annihilation no problems.

IP addresses set up as:

Host computer is
Other 3 PC's are, etc.
Router/Gateway is

As soon as I host a game (, the other players can join as normal.
Then when another friend joins (I give him the gateway or external IP address = router IP address I think), the other computers cant se him. Only the host computer can see hime with a ping and can type chat messages etc.
The other clients are invisible to him, but not to me.
So installed DXPORT and set up as follows:

Set up rules in Router (Virtual Server section) to allow 47624 port forwarding to (host), ports 2300-2400 also to host
In filters section on router, I have set up Port Forwarding for 2302 to 2311 (for both TCP and UDP) for host
followed by 2312 to 2321 for next computer and so on.
Then I have run DXPOrt and set up corresponidng ports on each computer.

So I can get a game going on the host computer no probs. Then when you get to the connect screen on the clients and do a search for TCP games, it will see the host game, but when you select join, it just hangs there and wont join.

Any suggestions anyone ??



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