MW4 with Netgear WNR834b

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MW4 with Netgear WNR834b

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well I have been trying to set up MW4 to play with my buddies in the UK
if I run in uPnp mode all is fine, but not secure, plays fine.
so I have forwarded the correct ports and set the fire walls up
I have a game server and a few other machines on the network.
someone said to get DXport I dont think this is going to help, I tried but it didnt work for me... here is the topoligy...
internet-cable-router-5 machines
I can connect to the game on the priv. ip but players can not connect on the public ip... all is forwarded to the correct machine .. gameserver..
I can join other games in the zone, I even see mine in the zone, and can not connect though...

thank you in advance for any help...
I just want to play my buddies in the UK

second router would that help?
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