Help!!!! Router Port Problems (Belkin is from HELL)

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Help!!!! Router Port Problems (Belkin is from HELL)

Post by Bradis2cool » Sun Jan 14, 2007 3:54 pm

Ok here the deal, ive been working on my router for along time i can host and i can play normal and everything in between, but i can not seem to get 2 computers playing on gamepark at a time, i have to open 3-4 ports for AoC as default, but my router does not let me add multiple ports of the same numbers ie. 6073-6073 well i can not add 2 of those, ive set up a static IP ive done all that, ive forwarded the ports, i just can not figure out how to make it so i can play with more then 1 computer, the ports that are open are for which is the computer im currently using, but i can not add the same ports open for.... ie. my router is A Belkin 4 port Wireless (im using Corded not Wireless) and the module number is F5D7230-4, please anyone that can help with this id highly appreciate it, ive been working on this for hours every week for a good month, thank you :)

This is all for Age of empires II:The Conqueroers expansion, and i also want to say that with DXport i understand some of it but not all, but the main thing is is that for AoC you must forward


47624-47624 TCP
6073-6073 TCP
2300-2400 TCP
2300-2400 UDP

And since 192.168.2.x cant have the same port numbers as the other 192.168.2.x, i cant forward them to each of the computers thus cant play online for AoC

please any help is so much appreciated ive been working on all this crap for over a month now, i can play myself but ive been working on 2 ppl playing at my house, thank you much


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Post by baumann30 » Thu Jan 25, 2007 6:14 am

Use hamachi !!! Therefor you do not need gamepark anymore...

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